Our values

We are

We are

We believe that respect, responsibility and expertise will allow us
to face current challenges and predict the future ones.


Research and development of new technologies,
E-mobility innovative solutions, and advanced engineering services your company needs. Everything in one company.

We commit every day to be a reference company in the field of Advanced engineering and E-Mobility through a comprehensive offer of highly specialized services and revolutionary products supported by Research and Development activity, in cooperation with most prestigious universities and Research Centres in Italy and Europe.


We are designing a sustainable future, where Engineering is a tangible concept really close to people: the invisible technologies’ matrix that improve people’s lives every day.


We embraced the new generation mobility challenge: our goal is to design innovative solutions, able to make our customers more competitive in this context.

Advanced engineering services and new generation battery packs development are instruments to enhance significantly their performance and their know-how.
Proactivity, confidentiality and transparency applied to the most recent smart job methodologies and a goal oriented mindset, ensure the highest level of performances.