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In our company, we design, analyze and test composite, metallic and hybrid material components with the help of cutting edge computing technology, to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability throughout the project, optimizing costs and development time.

The future is green

E-Mobility & Batteries

BeonD creates highly innovative and customized solutions to meet specific customer needs. Resulting from the experience of designing unconventional materials, our company designs each product to reduce the mass and optimize structural performance and passive safety.


We design 

We design customized battery packs according to the customer requests, in addition we develop tailored electronics, data-logging systems and remote monitoring systems.


We test

Thanks to a special test laboratory we are able to follow the entire process, starting from the characterization of the single electrochemical cell.


We build

We produce all the electronics necessary for telemetry, control, safety and monitoring of each device.

Research and Development

The heart of BeonD

BeonD, as an innovative SME, has Research and development in its DNA.

Thanks to the strong cooperation with the most prestigious Italian and European universities and research centers, and our attitude to learn constantly, we can always be at the forefront in our field.

Our key sectors:
• New Battery Chemistry
• Predictive BMS (Battery Management System)
• Structural Health Monitoring
• Active Aerodynamics
• Composite Material Advanced Analysis

Towards Future

Towards Future

Our service


The passion for innovation combined with the experience gained over the years give us the opportunity to follow customers in various sectors.








Thanks to our comprehensive range of services, we are able to meet the following needs.

Car Makers


Research centres

Tier One



Connections are essential: during the years we have built a wide and solid network that involves the most influential industry representatives.


Collaboration is our core value: over the years, we have built strong and fruitful relationships with strategic partners, thereby enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Discover BeonD

An  innovative SME, with a  smart  structure, quick and proactive, that features a  wide network of suppliers and highly skilled partners, able  to meet our customer needs with a comprehensive and organized approach.