Quality policy

Quality is a key factor for growth and development in a company.
Achieving quality means managing – or even enhance – all that we do, to improve results. Thus, it means to work continuously at all levels of our organization to develop in an uninterrupted way the internal company processes and suppliers to provide services relevant to the growing expectations and meet our customer’s requirements and needs.

The company efforts and resources aim to carrying out all activities according to the quality criteria defined to achieve the Corporate mission:

designing the future generation of electric and hybrid vehicles, lighter and more efficient, to fully satisfy customer’s and stakeholder’s (Suppliers, Community, Institutional Agencies, Credit Institutions, Company Board, and all Employees).

Always aligned with the corporate mission and the stakeholder’s expectations, the management also seeks to achieve further goals, such as:

  • Certify and keep certified the Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard (in its most updated edition)
  • Identify and ascertain the extent to which the needs, requests and expectations of customers and stakeholders are met
  • Inform, instruct and engage the whole staff to comply with the requirements and provisions of the Quality Management System (QMS) in order to improve the internal processes
  • Achieve, maintain and improve the quality standards defined for business processes
  • Continuously improve the Quality Management System (QMS) effectiveness and the business processes
  • Analyse and prevent non-compliance occurrences and customer complaints
  • Comply with both mandatory legislation, regulations and legal and customer’s standards.

The quality manual and company procedures explain the defined Quality policy and its goals. The defined objectives shall be pursued through the Management review and the Quality improvement plan.

Approval date
Management signature for approval
Turin, 29/11/2019