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About us

BeonD was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of “Politecnico di Torino” University, a start-up company with high technological content designed to succeed in the market through the offer of very specific advanced engineering services, not easy to find in the market.

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Today, BeonD is an innovative SME, with a smart structure, quick and proactive, that features a wide network of suppliers and highly skilled partners, able to meet our customer needs with a comprehensive and organized approach.

We offer advanced engineering services, a complete development of Battery packs, and Battery Management System custom for the transport sector, we design energy storage systems and powertrain for electric mobility and, thanks to the partnership of Politecnico, we manage to carry out research activities within the company and upon customer request.

Ready to
make a difference.

Engineers and PhDs from all over the world, with an average age of 30: BeonD core team is a combination of experiences and different cultures, joined with a passion for innovation and a high-level academic background. The team features also highly experienced consultants and senior advisors.

The result of this union it’s an expert and professional team, resilient and able to accept the most important challenge: to make the difference.

Control Room / Management Team 

Our history

Born to Innovate

The story behind BeonD is characterized by dedication, perseverance, courage, innovation and tenacity.


In March 2012, with the incubation period at I3P (Innovative Enterprises Incubator, Politecnico di Torino), BeonD starts his race to the future as business plan: Be on Drive

In November the first big achievement: the prototype of an electrical vehicle range-extender XAM 2.0, developed with the cooperation of Politecnico di Torino, was awarded with the 1° prize at the Future Car Challenge Brighton-London

In December 2012 the project Be on Drive and the vehicle XAM 2.0 made their debut at MAUTO (Automobile National Museum Turin) in Turin


In June, Be on Drive project was introduced to the Investors Club at the Employer’s Association in Turin

XAM 2.0 is used by Michelin to set-up the experimental tires with a low rolling resistance “narrow tire”, for electrical vehicles

XAM 2.0 is used by Pininfarina to set-up concepts and active aerodynamic solutions for electric vehicles

In December, the turning point, the foundation of BeonD srl, innovative start-up and spin-off of Politecnico di Torino


In November, BeonD is the only italian start-up company that deals with E-mobility attending the Unbound Digital in London, a reference event to collect investments on start-up companies in the High-Tech field


In January, CLN Magnetto Group joins BeonD, leading to the first important capital raise and the opening toward new markets

BeonD srl, is awarded with the 1° Prize for the best innovative start-up within the contest Eco-Mondo


In November, BeonD was the only innovative start-up in the automotive sector who won the contest FACILITOxTO of the City of Turn and Finpiemonte

In December, the entrance of SABELT group in the partnership represents an important event for the corporate capital


BeonD becomes an Innovative SMEs, demonstrating one more time to be able to lead to a big change in the automotive frame and confirming his commitment toward the innovation

In April, BeonD opens its second operational headquarters and the first internal laboratory of batteries, testing materials, and testing components in Strada del Portone, 159, Grugliasco, (TO) of 500 square meters. The registered office and and legal headquarters are still in I3P, for research and development activities and connection with Politecnico di Torino

BeonD obtains ISO 9001 quality certification


In January 2020, BeonD, is among the winners of PMTI4.0 of CIM 4.0 with the project COMPAC related to the development of an innovative system for a remote monitoring of battery packs for the integration of predictive maintenance concepts upon electric cars

In July, BeonD and Merlo Group was one of the few winners of PRIA-I4 contest of CIM (Competence industry manufacturing) 4.0 with the project MOBIS 2 related to the development of an innovative battery module through the application of lifting equipment, agriculture and off-highway

October 2020: starting of the works for the new laboratory

BeonD has a new investor and partner, UFI Filters group global market leader in the filtration technologies and thermal management, and also long-standing supplier of F1 championship, for the development of BMS and battery packs


In 2021 BeonD inaugurates the BALF (Beond Advanced Laboratories Facilities) a new laboratory of about 400 m2 dedicated to testing on cells, modules and battery packs and also on advanced materials and special parts

In 2021 BeonD participates with other Partners in the submission of two projects under the Contratto Di Insediamento measure funded by Finpiemonte. Out of a total of 7 projects admitted throughout the Piedmont Region, both those involving BeonD are successful allowing the company to focus on high-tech and innovative activities in the Automotive and Industrial fields


In 2022, BeonD became the winner of the ST-UP contest that allowed the company to join the ST Microelectronics Hardware Technology Accelerator, an opportunity to develop its battery and BMS projects faster

Despite its size as an innovative SME, BeonD registers and is certified as a Tier 1 company for major OEMs in the Automotive, Off-Highway, Aerospace and Defense sectors

In December 2022, BeonD reaches 32 employees

BeonD Values

We believe that respect, responsibility and expertise will allow us
to face current challenges and predict the future ones.