ECU Smart Seat
Automotive Electronic Control Unit to manage up to four motorized adjustments of car seat position with memorization of setup for quick user position recall, heating function, lumbar support pump activation and LED strips control. The ECU is interfaced on a CAN bus for exchange of control and feedback status information.


–  Operating voltage supply
    • 9-16V

–  Board Dimensions

    • 175 x 105 mm

–  I/O Specs

    • 4 H-bridge drivers for DC motor control up to 15A each
    • Individual motor speed and position reading through encoder input
    • Individual current sensing on each motor for functional and protection mechanisms
    • 1 High side switch with current monitoring and protection up to 15A
    • 4 high side switch up to 0.5A each
    • 1 high side driver and step-down to drive external LED strip

–  Communication

    • CAN 2.0B