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Innovative Platform

The product of BeonD it’s an innovative platform of Ultra Light Electric Vehicle (ULEV) to solve problem of urban mobility. The platform is an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) so an optimized electric vehicle with the addition of internal combustion engine that charge the batteries to guarantee and additional autonomy, freedom from charging point and no problem with start-up at lowest temperature. This platform is XAM 2.0 vehicle




The BeonD product was born for Car Sharing applications, but it could be use also for companies fleet, public service, last mile delivery. The BeonD product than other solutions offer a product with low maintenance costs and volumes-weights drastically cut down usefull for the re-balancing of the fleet dislocations, without depriving the driver of performance, agility in traffic, comfort and safety.

Here are some examples of prototypes designed for different applications:

City car sharing & rental…
simplify your life !
Last mile delivery, fleets & huge events…performance and cost reduction!
Luxury tender vehicles…the luxury becames small!


Business Model

The BeonD Business Model is to sell once designed and created the whole package "Project, Product and Process" of the vehicle, platform or one of its sub-system to an entrepreneur or a multinational company that has the capability of investment, the strength and the tools to be able to go to the market and ensure the assistance of the vehicles or sub-systems products.