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03 November 2015

It will be November 5th the Sustainable Development Award Ceremony inside the Start up Pavilion of Ecomondo in Rimini.

Waiting the Ceremony Wednesday 4th BeonD E will participate at the round table of the “State of the Green Economy in Italy ".

09 October 2015

BeonD is on TV with a special service on Tiscali as an example of start-ups for electric and innovative vehicles.

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06 October 2015

Beond has received a visiting delegation of MAGNA STEYR directly from Gratz (Austria). The meeting was of mutual interest, in particular the delegates of MAGNA were impressed by the work done and the specific technical skills of Beond.

21 September 2015

BeonD with VABER and RAMPF it is present at the Composite Europe in Stuttgart with the vehicle XAM 2.0 . A special thanks to Simonetta Pegorari of Composite Solutions for help in participation in the event.