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BeonD is a Spin Off about Automotive. Its real value is the people skills, methologies, attitudes and esperience required to design, next generation of efficient and light electric-hybrid vehicles or quadricycles. In BeonD you could find all the innovative know how and high level engineering skill that you need.

"Who follow the others will never be first."

(Tazio Nuvolari)

BeonD offers complete design solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles using innovative material.

BeonD is focus and specialized in most innovative engineering and simulation tools to check the feasibility of concept or beginning product solutions. Moreover thanks to its engineer and industrial partners network is also able to provide to its customers every kind of design and engineering service, prototypes in scale, real dimension prototypes, laboratory testing, track testing up to small production series of vehicles.

BeonD concept products can make a revolution about urban mobility, because are extremely light, low consumption and performance vehicles, focus for car sharing, rental car and company or public service fleets.

BeonD solutions answer to the question "Why get around in the city with a vehicle of 1.500 kg, or more, to move only themselves?". BeonD offer different solutions for Urban Mobility System, integrating Vehicles, Management Fleet and App.

The time of huge, bulky, consume and pollute vehicles is coming to end, BeonD exist to help companies and manufacturers to define and design the car of tomorrow: safe, efficient, attractive style and an affordable price for all.