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The business project is aimed at designing and prototyping light electric urban car, focus on personal urban mobility and last mile delivery, which must meet the requirements of homologation, manufacturability and possible industrialization. It comes from the experience gained by the Entrepreneurial Team in the Research Group "Innovative Electric and Hybrid Vehicles" (IEHV) and in the student team H2politO, both have their headquarters in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMEAS) of the Politecnico di Torino.

The vehicle made ​​by XAM Team H2politO: a real test bed of advanced technology and training project of excellence for tomorrow's engineers.


IEHV - Research Group

The business project BeonD was born from the desire to give a continuation using technological transfer to go from research and training to new technologies and engineering tools, but using the expertise and the network created over the years thanks to the work and experience of the IEHV Research Group.

The IEHV Research Group have a lot of experience about automotive in particular Design, Simulation and Testing about:

  • Advanced Composite Materials
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Regenerative Braking
  • Electric and Hybrid Powertrain
  • Vehicle Aero-Design and CFD
  • Vehicle Noise Vibration and Harshness

The IEHV Research Group make a lot of scientific publication and it is involved in different Regional, National and European Project.

H2politO - Student Team

The team work on the design and construction of two vehicles dedicated to the competition of low power consumption named Shell Eco-marathon. Since 2007 the Team H2politO led by members of the Entrepreneurial Team have conquer numerous successes including the prestigious "Design Award" at the Shell Eco-marathon, the first time for IDRA prototype and the second time for XAM urban vehicle, moreover, for three years, the "Communication and Marketing Award", cause to a big number of publications and television appearances on national and international networks and Tv brodcast, but above all the team received from Rome the Medal Award from the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.


The big number of track and communication results on the XAM vehicle, here at the Bologna Motor Show. Near the Medal Award from the Presidency of the Italian Republic, sent directly by Giorgio Napolitano.


Team 2013